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Innovation From Imagination

Full Production Services

Weddings, Conferences, Concerts, Debuts, Recitals, Competitions, Album Release Parties, Dances, Private Parties, Meetings, Galas, Private Dining, Receptions, ​Corporate Entertainment, Brand/Product Launches, the list goes on to what we can produce for you with all of our professional services.

We offer many different amenities for your event including lighting, sound systems, professional photography and/or videography, photo booths, beverage services, catering, video projection and more! Use our professional seasoned entertainment or bring your own. We offer many different types of entertainment for your function as well.


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Lighting:  You can have everything ready to go at an event, but if there is no lighting to set the mood, it will most likely be under par. Let us help you with that! Whether it’s gobos on the wall (, uplighting along the perimeter, or dance floor lighting, we’ve got you covered.

Sound:  Professional audio for your event is something that is sometimes overlooked, but very needed. We mic whomever needs to be as well as have a sound system for your entertainment ensuring everyone can hear crisp, clear sound throughout your special event

Projection:  Show your family and friends a picture slideshow or video at your dinner or reception or display music videos or special pictures to add that special touch during your event.


Commercial Production / Corporate Branding


We specialize in DRTV and Brand Response advertising (BRTV), as well as the Production of branding and first-time advertisers. We also offer production for in-house sales and how-to videos as well as awareness ads.

If you are looking to produce a commercial which promotes your brand, whilst simultaneously gathering responses, Bill Carroll Entertainment is the production company for you.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
Wedding/Gala/Corporate/Fund Raiser

We're Virginia's Premier Wedding & Corporate Production Services offering many professional amenities for your special event! The repertoire of services at The Bill Carroll Foundation is designed to make every function we coordinate with you a great success. We also have relationships with many industry service professionals that we can recommend for the services we do not offer from our own staff. 

As mentioned above, The Bill Carroll Foundation offers many different amenities for your event including DJs, live entertainment, special lighting, sound systems, photography, videography, photo booth, beverage services, catering, video projection, and more!

Our full production division will help you theme out your special event to wow you and your guests with decorations and special lighting or whatever you dream up. From full elegance to a theme of your choice, The Bill Carroll Foundation and its Event Production Staff will make your dreams a reality...

Live Production Services

Our engineers/technicians are the pros when it comes to making your event sound and look the way it deserves. From Special Effects & Lighting, The Foundation and the Groove Factory's engineers can light up your event in any way that your imagination runs wild including lasers and all the special effects you'd expect to see.


For Video, we can capture that special event or create that music video you've wanted produced.


For Sound, we can mix and record your next album within our Groove Factory Studio or mix and record your set live.  The following are just a few of our professional services that we offer:

Show Production
Sound Reinforcement
Integrated Lighting
Integrated Programming

Special Effects
Staging & Rigging
Audio Recording
Video Production

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