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Education Through Imagination 

Performing Arts
Teaching Network (PATN)


Students, working alongside professionals in the entertainment industry, will form a partnership that works together around a theme to create a performance, gaining skills in script writing, costume and set design, audio & lighting production, special effects, puppeteering, acting, improv, management, customer relations and hospitality.


We'll be much more than just an after-school technical school, in a real-world theatre/production environment, these young producers, engineers, professionals, performers and technicians will learn to work cooperatively with each other and with professional staff while given the freedom to let loose their creative energies and work together to build a show from the ground up!


Our Theater Production Program will allow students to train with professionals in the industry and develop essential skills and talents for their future career.  From lighting and stage design to acting and administration, we engage the students in all facets of theatrical production through our shows.


The students will develop acting, music and creative skills to perform on stage or pursue a career in the audio production, theatrical and media industries as well as the technical end of theater production. The students may choose to focus on stage production, costume design, acting, stage management and other areas of show production or just strengthen their skills and gain more experience in the fields of acting, directing and performing. In conclusion, we will provide students an opportunity to enrich their present and future lives by learning to understand and enjoy the art of stage production.

Areas of Instruction


  • Music Business

  • Music Production

  • Voice-Over Acting & Producing

  • Media Communications

  • Web Design & Development

  • Entertainment Business

  • Graphic Design

  • Creative Writing

  • Character/Creature Fabrication

  • Simulation FX

  • Special Effects for Stage / Film

  • Animatronics

  • Audio Production

  • Video Production

  • Digital Cinematography

  • Public Relations for the Entertainment Industry

  • Human Relations

  • Hospitality

  • Merchandising

Our Mission

The Bill Carroll Foundation inspires artistic expression and advances cultural literacy. We honor America's rich, diverse, and creative musical talent and heritage through active community engagement, teaching all ages with or without a disability.

Interested in becoming one of our Instructors? Let's Talk.
Performing Arts Teaching Network (PATN)

PATN is a partnership between teachers, industry professionals and students to work together through our real-world productions. PATN is a long-term program that can bring more than just teaching material. To ensure the success of the IPA educational program, our productions will offer students a hands-on instructional environment that is part classroom instruction and part practical lab application (the productions). This environment will challenge students on a number of levels from learning industry standards and practices to working alongside staff on actual productions as part of the “AMPED” mentoring program.


The 'Institute for the Performing Arts' commitment will be to engage today’s youth and working professionals going far beyond the classroom. Our belief of "Education From Imagination" is to strive beyond the student's limits and dream the dream that we call the Institute for the Performing Arts. This curriculum will truly be interactive just as much as our amazing shows will be for our audiences.


We have dedicated a large part of our business to assist schools & their curriculums and also foster the imaginations of teachers and students alike.  Working together we can build programs that can move and excite a young audience. Together they can inspire a new generation to get involved with their own career goals. AMPED Members will encourage the next generation to perform, cultivate their creativity and learn from each other. We as professionals in the industry and our current and future programs will serve to inspire, enrich and enable, offering opportunities regardless of anyones background.

Advanced Show Production

In our program, students build a foundation of basic show production concepts and terminology. Inside The Institute for the Performing Arts, a fully outfitted live production environment, students will learn how to run an audio console for live events and see how special effects, audio, video and lighting systems all come together to create our amazing shows. This program will give the student a deeper knowledge of show production, as they learn the ins and outs of live sound and event production. Students will also learn about system design for live theater environments as they discover the many career opportunities in event production.  As a part of a live event production team, they’ll need to know how to design, configure, set up and operate a standard sound reinforcement system as well as the complex programming of the special effect lighting that will be utilized in the shows. The following are just a few of our professional services that we offer at Catalyst Media & Production not only to teach but for hire:

Show Production
Sound Reinforcement
Mobile Recording
Integrated Programming

Special Effects
Staging & Rigging
Audio Recording
Video Production

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