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Performing Arts at it's best - Here doing the sound for the Rapp Pops Orchestra on Memorial Day


How To Help

Your contribution or membership makes you a vital partner in the mission of the Arts Institute. From donations to volunteering, you can contribute to this up-coming Performing Arts School and offer your generous support. Want to to know how to donate? Click here!

Award Winners

As individual volunteers we've already won all kinds of civic, regional and even national awards in the TV/Film and Production Industries. We've also been honored MANY accolades for our charitable services and contributions. We strive to be the best and will aim to bring all of our talents and knowledge together and share them with each and every person who seeks to be a part of this amazing up-coming organization.


Performing Arts Teaching Network (PATN)

Students, working alongside professionals in the entertainment industry, will form a partnership that will work together around a theme to create a performance; gain skills in writing, costume and set design; puppeteering; production; acting and hospitality. In a real-world theatre environment, these young producers, performers and technicians will learn to work cooperatively with each other and with professional staff while given the freedom to let loose their creative energies and work together to build a show from the ground up!

​Our Mission

The Bill Carroll Foundation and the Institute For The Performing Arts inspires artistic expression and advances cultural literacy. The Art Center honors America's rich, diverse, creative musical & visual talent along with its' heritage through active community engagement, creating scholarships & programs, teaching all ages the arts from the business side to the production and performance aspect to creating hands-on participation in the visual and performing arts.

The Institute of Performing Arts, Inc. will rely on the annual support of a large and loyal group of individual benefactors who participate in one or more of the following membership programs such as: Friends of Performing Arts and the Chairman’s Council. In extremely grateful generosity, the Institute offers a variety of exclusive benefits to enrich each member's performing arts experience.

If you share a common vision with Friends of the Performing Arts - that the arts are essential, that every person should have the opportunity to experience the arts and that investments in the arts and arts education are investments in the creativity and innovation of the next generation - please help us achieve these goals.

Your generous support will help our educational stage show, arts education, fundraising efforts, equipment purchases and so much more.

In addition, your contribution to the arts goes a long way in building the strength of our local economy. 

Please Support The Institute For The Performing Arts here in Central Virginia to ensure that the finest arts and cultural education will be made available to our community, today and for generations to come.

Proud Member of the

Above Organization

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