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What Are We ?

We will not be a conventional dance, drama or music academy, although the standard of professional training reflects the best of such institutions.

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We are dedicated to people who want to enter and survive the tough world of arts and entertainment, whether as performers or those who make performance possible.


We will offer certificate programs to U.S. and International students. We will also offer weekend performing arts classes for 4 - 17 year olds. These will be our special Arts Camps.


We will be open to the public and anyone who wants to seek out a career in the performing arts. Through our public performances, featuring very highly technical special effects, anyone can experience our educational 4D stage shows developed by our students and industry professionals who teach every aspect of our shows. The shows will be in 4D which means anyone even with certain disabilities can still understand and experience the amazing shows as they were intended to see, touch, smell and hear.


Our public performances will be created by our staff, visiting professionals, performing arts students and our technicians who make performance possible. These performances will take place all over the United States not only in venues in major cities but in school auditoriums, children's museums and special exhibitions. 


Our students will come with motivation and commitment and leave with high levels of skill, experience and support for their personal or career goals.

Our Philosophy

At the heart of our philosophy like most centers, is an awareness of the need for performing artists and those who will make performance possible to collaborate creatively and integrate with their peers. This relationship between disciplines will provide a solid foundation for our students to understand and reflect upon their role as a creative individual.


The synergy between performers, producers, managers, designers and technicians will enable our students to replicate industry practice, giving a better understanding of the business they are entering into.


This collaboration will occur within our curriculum, culminating in 2 seasons of public performances, and naturally through the extra-curricular activity of our students.


This synergy between students, courses and ideas prepares our students for a lasting career in the performing arts economy.

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