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Our Scholarship Programs

~ Our Commitment is to provide a culturally enriched environment that fosters an appreciation of the arts through entertainment and continuing education. ~

We'll partner with Scholarship America and TuitionHelp®. We will utilize their management services to create amazing scholarship programs and tuition assistance programs for our students and employees. Scholarship Management Services is part of Scholarship America, the nation's largest nonprofit, private-sector scholarship and educational assistance organization. 


We’re looking at more opportunities to add value to our AMPED Scholarship program. As we begin to focus our programs more on Production and Theater majors, we hope to begin bringing scholarship recipients into our internship programs with the hope that eventually some of these bright students will become employees upon their graduation.

Introducing TuitionHelp®  


The TuitionHelp® suite of products and services for our employees, allows us to achieve a competitive advantage by creating a highly efficient and cost-effective tuition assistance program that maximizes our talented teaching workforce while improving our employee's productivity, morale and loyalty for not only the school but for themselves and each other. TuitionHelp® is a unique program that assists our education-seeking employees by providing personal support and insight on how to pay for college, access student financial aid and make smart college choices.


~ Each program is created in conjunction with the Institute's current offerings, processes and policies to provide a pleasing employee experience and manageable administrative tools.

~ Helps our employees maximize their grant and scholarship aid.

~ Lower their average out-of-pocket cost & fees

~ Guides the employees to make smarter college planning decisions

~ Helps our organization attract career-minded employees


Student Aid Advisors who provide personal, one-on-one consultations


~ Preparation and submission of the federal student aid application (FAFSA).

~ Completion of the required reimbursement/scholarship application.

~ Evaluation of each employee for over $97.6 billion in grants and scholarship aid.

~ Counseling on student aid eligibility and how to best pay for college.


What is Tuition Assistance?


Tuition assistance is a mutually beneficial program that allows the Institute to offer its' employees the opportunity to expand their education and enhance their job skills and capabilities by taking qualified courses at accredited colleges, universities and other professional education or technical training institutions. Internal Revenue code Section 127 allows public and private employers to provide employees with up to $5,250 per year in tax-free employer education assistance. While the Institute will generally maintain the flexibility of determining approved courses of study and the qualification criteria to meet our organizational needs, typical tuition assistance programs cover education programs that directly apply to the employee’s current or future position within the company including:


~ Undergraduate and graduate-level academic courses

~ Technical or vocational training courses

~ Professional development, training and certification courses


In addition to tuition, covered expenses can include books and course-related materials and supplies, computer expenses and sometimes lab and transportation fees. Most importantly, monies offered through the Institute's tuition assistance programs can be used by employees in combination with more than $236 billion in available federal, state and college-specific aid.


Scholarships Offered


Artists, technicians and entertainers skilled in the Performing Arts need help with their craft and what better way to help those talented people then to offer them a scholarship through our programs. Those future artists, technicians and performers need to attend school to mold their crafts and learn from the best in the industry. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the performing arts, you’re in luck, as you can apply to one of our scholarships offered here at The Institute for the Performing Arts.


The "Bill Carroll" Performing Arts Scholarship


This scholarship is designed for students who wish to pursue further studies in the fields of dancing, acting, instrumental, vocal, or musical theatre. The maximum amount awarded is $1000 and applicants simply must submit an audio or visual of some sort to qualify, along with being a U.S. citizen or a permanent U.S. resident.


The IPA Vocal Scholarship


All students who are pursuing a course of study in voice may be eligible for this scholarship. To qualify, the applicant needs to receive a sponsorship letter from his or her vocal coach. The maximum amount awarded is $1000.


The Linda Guerrera Creative Writing Scholarship


Designed for middle school and high school students who can express their creativity through storyboarding & playwriting, IPA's Linda Guerrera Creative Writing Award grants $1000 on average. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, and submit a one-act play of less than 40 pages, incorporating the subject of history.


The Mary Carroll Women in the Arts Scholarship


Women who have acted, sung or has been a part of a theatrical musical program may be eligible for this scholarship. All applicants must be currently pursuing an undergraduate or masters degree program in the field of performing arts.


The IPA Junior & Community College Scholarship


Full-time students attending a public junior or community college in any state may qualify by demonstrating talent through competitive audition.


The IPA Drama Scholarship


Seeking high school seniors from any state, the Drama Scholarship is looking for applicants who have acted in or have been part of a technical crew for a minimum of two drama productions. An average of $1,000 is awarded.


The IPA Technical Scholarship


The Technical Scholarship is for high school seniors. Applicants must be interested in pursuing performing arts in technical theatre production, with a 3.2 minimum GPA. Average award is $1000.


and so much MORE coming!


The 'Institute for the Performing Arts' commitment is to engage today’s youth and working professionals going far beyond the classroom. Our belief of "Education Through Imagination" is to strive beyond the student's limits and dream the dream that we call the Institute for the Performing Arts. This curriculum will truly be interactive just as much as our amazing shows will be for our audiences.

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