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A couple of weeks ago I got to sit down with Bill Carroll. You may know him as the one of the popular radio hosts over on B101.5 or perhaps you know him more for knowing Bill as an entertainer, an educator and patron of the arts!


Over lunch we talked about dinosaurs. Big, giant dinosaurs! What kid doesn't love dinosaurs? That's Bill's whole approach to "Education through Imagination." Bill is creating a unique, dual educational platform. I love the entire concept. Let me explain the two parts for you.




FREDERICKSBURG- The Institute for the Performing Arts' stage show "Travel Through Time" that is in development has been getting quite the stir in the press and companies like Discovery, The History Channel, Animal Planet and others that are starting to peak an interest in our educational programs as well as the stage show itself. We're very excited in our journey with the creation of this amazing stage show "TRAVEL THROUGH TIME".



FREDERICKSBURG- The Institute for the Performing Arts, founded by Lead Patron Bill Carroll, will be housed in the Fredericksburg area hopefully soon as a state-of-the-art performing arts higher education institution. Carroll told the Tribune that he wants the base of the institute to be in Central Virginia, but that he plans on expanding to other locations in the future, including Florida, Texas, Chicago, New York, and California. That's the vision he's sees this amazing concept going.


“Business Excellence in Education & Training Services - Virginia”


The 2018 Business Excellence Awards are all about identifying and honoring the most respected companies and their executives, while recognising and rewarding outstanding performance, success, innovation and ethics across international business communities. The Institute of the Performing Arts, Inc. and DinoTyme Productions, Inc were awarded this prestigous award of excellence in our Educational and Training Services.  Go Us!!

Come celebrate with us the new and up-coming Institute for the Performing Arts in the Fredericksburg Region! Your generous support will help our educational events, arts education and so much more.

June of 2015 was for everyone to look into what's to come from the Institute with our amazing concept. Cocktails, Hors d'oeuvres, live music, gifts for everyone and a VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST! It was an evening to remember! We also took everyone back into time by giving them a taste of our talent with, "Travel Through Time".


Support The Institute For The Performing Arts here in Central Virginia to ensure that the finest arts and cultural education are made available to our community, tomorrow and for generations to come.



Our latest Interview on WFVA, May 28th, 2015

OR Watch it BELOW

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