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Do you have a passion for the Arts? Are you interested in making a difference in your community?

Your generous support will help our educational stage show, arts education, fundraising efforts, equipment purchases and so much more.


In addition, your contribution to the arts goes a long way in building the strength of our local economy. 


Support The Institute For The Performing Arts here in Central Virginia to ensure that the finest arts and cultural education are made available to our community, today and for generations to come.



When you contribute to the Institute of Performing Arts, Inc., you sustain a long tradition of support for the arts in Virginia and your donation is fully tax deductible.


You may be inspired to give because the arts have changed your life in some way and you want to give back. You may give to celebrate an important milestone or rite of passage in the life of someone you love. You may want to include a bequest in your will or a deferred gift in your estate planning.


Whatever the reason may be, with great appreciation the Institute and the Bill Carroll Foundation highly appreciates your generous gifts. Remember, your monetary gifts are completely TAX FREE (ID # 83-4198567).


If you have questions, please contact us at or call 540-412-7527

Click Here To Make A Donation
Click Here To Make A Donation

How Else Can You Contribute

To Support The Arts?



It’s easy to get involved and help the arts and cultural community that continues to thrive in Central Virginia. Below are some ideas on how you can contribute that makes a big impact!

Can’t contribute financially? That’s ok, because you can still help by donating your time and services to the Institute's educational programs, shows and fund raising events. It just feels good to know that you helped make a difference!

Do you need a gift for a friend or family member? Something for a birthday, anniversary or special holiday? Looking for something to give that has personality and meaning? Support the Institute For The Performing Arts by making an in-kind donation in someone’s name. We’ll send a card to them from us on your behalf acknowledging your donation in their name, and we’ll personalize it to your liking.

Are you a business owner? Give a donation to our cause from each of your sales from a special campaign that we will develop together. Supporting your local Arts Community will give your customers a BIG message that you take the time to show your love & encouragement for the arts! 

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