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The concept of The Institute for the Performing Arts was developed to forge a new approach to performing arts training. It was co-founded by our lead Volunteer Bill Carroll with many more selfless people and will be housed in Virginia, as a state-of-the-art performing arts higher education facility.

IPA (Institute for the Performing Arts) will provide learning for the main skills needed for putting on a stage show (performers and those who make performance possible), uniquely blending specialized and generic skills.


IPA will also offer courses in Acting, Dance, Music Theatre and Entertainment Management, Sound Technology, Lighting Technology, Hospitality, Special Effects with Makeup, Theatre and Performance Design and Theatre and Performance Technology. We will also offer Certificates in Performing Arts (Acting); Performing Arts (Dance); Performing Arts (Singing); and Popular Music and Sound Technology.


Our approach to creative learning is unique, highly personalized and guaranteed to ensure each student meets their potential.  We will treat every student as an individual, not just as ‘this year’s intake’.  Our class sizes will be a bit smaller than most academies, with personal contact with their instructor as needed in a real-world educational setting. We'll always encourage our students to come in at any time to work, discuss or simply enjoy the relaxed, creative and multi-cultural environment of the school.

The Bill Carroll Foundation alongside our Institute for the Performing Arts will be committed to engage today’s youth and working professionals going far beyond the classroom. Our belief of "Education Through Imagination" is to strive beyond the student's limits and foster their dreams into reality through our experience from the incredible Performing & Visual Arts industries. Our programs and curriculum will truly be interactive just as much as our amazing shows will be for our audiences. 

To create opportunities for anyone who's ever had the dream of being on the radio, work a television studio, be on camera, produce a show, build a set, act on stage, teach a class or program, be in a movie, learn the entertainment business side of things, anything that would keep music and theater in our schools and our communities.


Working at the Institute

IPA will be a small, creative, specialized institution with a big function. We will aim to prepare our students for a lasting career in the performing arts economy.


Our Staff

Our academic staff are active practitioners in their field and have worked across the cultural landscape, from the film and movie industry, radio & television and the theater. Our support staff are important to us too, and we will provide a friendly working environment.

DinoTyme Productions

Bill Carroll

Danielle Masterson

David Hirsch & New Life Outreach

Toni Porcelli

Kelsy Trumble

Andrew Leonard

Michael Smart

Matt Heiller

Kevin Handy

Christopher Critzer

Tim Clemmons

Linda Guerrera

John Snead

Kelly Snead

James Snead

Arlene McKenzie

Barbara McKenzie

Joseph McKenzie

Shannon Peterson

Myandi Peterson

Stafford Regional Airport

Premier Eyecare Angela Tsai, OD and Associates, PC

Peterson Randall Public Relations

Bryan Rock

PMC Courier

Alexandra Schmidt

Jason Tennstedt

Penske Trucking

Lauren Boardman

Lou Peradotto

Rachael Peugh

Heather Barnes

Douglas Robinson

Spotsylvania County

Stafford County

Red Door Power Washing


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